Save time and energy when creating large picklists for Microsoft CRM

Using this nifty little tool enables you to generate the needed XML-Code for creating picklist values. Although the browser-based customizing tools of Microsoft Dynamics CRM are very elegant, it still takes time to create the needed values, because it has to be done one at a time. Caution: Only use this tool, if you are really comfortable with manually editing exported XML-Customization Files! Use it at your own risk, and don't even think of blaming me for a damaged installation ;-)

More info on how to use it can be found on my blog.

The concept is similar to Mitch Milam's approach, you can get more information on what to do with the XML on his blog

Just copy & paste

To use this free service just copy a list of labels into the box below. Additionally you can also set the values, but this can also be automatically generated. As an example I have put in a countrylist. Check out some further examples on the right.


    Values               autogenerate
Resulting XML:

EXAMPLES (provided as is)

ISO Countries
Hours of the day, 30 min
Car Brands / Automarken
List of years 1900-2009
Business Software packages
Windows Versions

Countries of the world
US States long
US States short
British counties
Main Industries
Medical persons
Medical Fields
Sports & Hobbies
Natural desasters

Lšnder der Welt
Bundeslšnder Deutschland
Berufliche Funktionen